Jim VanOrsdel
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Milhous Collection

The world is replete with private auto collections that rival the best any museum has to offer. But no one person could have compiled the kind of spectacle that is the Milhous Collection the embodiment of the life's work and collective wealth of brothers Bob and Paul Milhous of Boca Raton, Florida.  They share a love for everything mechanical, ranging from automobiles and petroliana to player pianos, clocks and even a full-size carousel, and collected them all. Having outgrown four previous locations, the Milhous brothers moved their collection to a 39,500 square-foot facility in Boca in the mid-'90s. And there it has remained, closed to the public, until February 2012.  Jim VanOrsdel enjoyed the privilege of working on this beautiful clock.

These are images of the heavy movement that runs this clock, and plays melodies on 8 hanging highly-tunes tubes.
The Hour is stuck on a very large Coiled Cathedral Gong.