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Monroe NC
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Hendersonville NC

The E. Howard Masterpiece
This magnificent clock is in the "Galleria" (Atrium) of the First Citizens Bank in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

An impressive 28 feet in height, and weighing over 4500 pounds, the very rare 1880s E. Howard double-three-legged gravity escapement clockworks keeps time within a few seconds a month. The entire structure is custom-made of mahogany, brass, and stainless steel. The two "Skeleton" dials are six feet in diameter, and easily read from any location in the building.

The bank has a wonderful treasure from a Tower Clock out of a building that was razed from California in the late 1980s. Now the E. Howard clockworks made in Boston, MA serves as a sentinel for all who enter, or work at the bank in the Historic District of Hendersonville, North Carolina.